Solar Energy. A Long Run Saviour

Why is the U.S. Government a Big Proponent of Solar Energy?

While there is no denying the fact that solar energy is the best renewable energy resource, people are still hanging back in terms of making a decision to opt for solar energy. Reasons for which might be the lofty initial cost or the unfavorable weather in a particular area. However, the government is constantly trying to rally the general public behind the idea of opting for solar energy by offering various, rather handsome benefits and rebate offers to the general public. However, it is to be borne in mind on the part of the general public that installing solar panels is a decision that is likely to bring about the greater good to the masses. That greater good would be in terms of the long term benefits that can be enjoyed at large. Following are some of the important factors that everyone can benefit from:

  • Preservation of the Conventional Sources of Energy is one of the factors that can be greatly beneficial. Electricity is a heavily relied upon source of energy and is being generated through various means from water to combustible fuel. The means through which the energy is produced, are gradually running low and the threat of the shortage of the conventional means of energy means a threat to the entire energy sector. With solar panels installed by the majority of homeowners and business, a considerable amount of the conventional means of energy generation can be done and the danger of massive energy shortage can be averted. 
  • Installing solar panels shall also be beneficial for the society on the whole as the cost of electricity is also likely to reduce significantly due to the preservation of the conventional sources of energy. The solar energy users shall not only be able to benefit from the incentives and rebates, but also, with the overall reduction in the costs of utility, everyone shall be able to enjoy the benefits of having a health energy reserve at a much cheaper rate.
  • Preservation of the environment is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the government is pushing for solar panel installation to become a norm among businesses and homeowners. The atmospheric conditions are depleting by the minute with the excessive use of machines, substances and means of generating energy that is non-friendly to the environment. Installation of solar panels can significantly reduce the the production of harmful gases and considerably preserve the environment for everyone to enjoy a healthy climate.

There is of course the underlying point whereby the government seeks to create convenience for themselves by laying off some of the burden from the local grid stations. However, it bears mentioning that if the homeowners and the businesses cut the grid some slack by going solar, the masses shall be better off as they shall get to enjoy the benefits such as a cleaner environment, low utility costs and preservation of the conventional sources of energy. With that said, it is high time that we acknowledge the wisdom behind the government’s insistence and opt for solar to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

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