The Un-Told Truth About Solar Energy

The Un-Told Truth About Solar Energy

If you are going to approach the subject of solar energy than do it the right way, not many people would know how to do it, and even lesser would tell you.

The reality is that the Internal Combustion Engine is fast becoming obsolete and the most plausible replacement to that gap is solar power and is a great way to keep our present needs and future technologies battery charged for kinds of purposes. My idea would be the sooner the better. For example let’s get all public schools tied- grid at the beginning of this transition with Solar Panel Installation and use get all the energy we can during the daylight hours while the schools are open and when they are over for the day the unit can keep producing for the main grid saving the excess energy for rainy or overcast days and have the credits.

The School Buses will also be converted to Electric to cut the cost the school and taxpayers of the district by 50% in comparison to operating on diesel. Solar buses will also contribute to the electric meter to cover the costs of utility for the schools and all community and district government offices.

Considering these angle of community installations would really expedite the switching over the process by a significant amount of time, I wonder why haven’t they been considered in the recent governmental solar programs, or maybe they have I am not sure of that. By the way, the state of Virginia is buying 100 electric buses in 2020 that I know for a fact through a friend. (wink|wink)

The motels, hotels and resorts can start selling their excess energy to the local government offices in exchange for property taxes.

For households that are planning for Solar Panel Installation in order to improve their lifestyle and for any purposes, I recommend don’t just get your roof covered with a design for an energy replacement and with a hope of a payback. Think better, bigger and about the future, think about a solar car porch or a garage it will generate about 15 watts per Square Foot Minimum, wok that out and you would be ready for your electric car sooner and before everyone else.

Future homes should be designed with a mindset of “net-zero” you have figured your average electrical consumption then go to buy a Best Solar Panel system with a high-efficiency rate sustain the load your home creates. You are very likely to find that your electricity bill is paid years in ahead.

So, if you plan ahead wisely with the assistance of good architects and/or contractors to give you solar energy efficiency that you pay for, then you will save hundreds of dollars on-end of a month in utilities for sure. You can also use those savings to pay off your mortgage years earlier than the term. A couple of hundred dollars a month to the principle of your mortgage will save thousands of dollars of interest on your loan. I know that put a smile on your face. Happy home & happy life, right?

By the time you start commuting on an Electric Vehicle that you have already prepared a parking space for you won’t have to pay for the gas anymore, which means your outward cash flow will further drop and would directly reflect on your savings and/or on the ROI.

“Agri-solar” is also nearby and the application will help farmers to grow a variety of crops in different geographic’ conditions to help their revenue streams.

While it is true that not all household are good applicants for Solar Panel Efficiency for a good ROI.

The Solar Energy System best resonates with the next generation of consumers and where it all starts to make sense for us and the realization of the need to leave a better planet for our successors.

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