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05 Feb 2020
Solar Energy. A Long Run Saviour

Why is the U.S. Government a Big Proponent of Solar Energy?

While there is no denying the fact that solar energy is the best renewable energy resource, people are still hanging back in terms of making a decision to opt for solar energy. Reasons for which might be the lofty initial cost or the unfavorable weather in a particular area. However, the government is constantly trying to rally the general public behind the idea of opting for solar energy by offering various, rather handsome benefits and rebate offers to the general public. However, it is to be borne in mind on the part of the general public that installing solar panels is a decision that is likely to bring about the greater good to the masses. That greater good would be in terms of the long term benefits that can be enjoyed at large. Following are some of the important factors that everyone can benefit from:

  • Preservation of the Conventional Sources of Energy is one of the factors that can be greatly beneficial. Electricity is a heavily relied upon source of energy and is being generated through various means from water to combustible fuel. The means through which the energy is produced, are gradually running low and the threat of the shortage of the conventional means of energy means a threat to the entire energy sector. With solar panels installed by the majority of homeowners and business, a considerable amount of the conventional means of energy generation can be done and the danger of massive energy shortage can be averted. 
  • Installing solar panels shall also be beneficial for the society on the whole as the cost of electricity is also likely to reduce significantly due to the preservation of the conventional sources of energy. The solar energy users shall not only be able to benefit from the incentives and rebates, but also, with the overall reduction in the costs of utility, everyone shall be able to enjoy the benefits of having a health energy reserve at a much cheaper rate.
  • Preservation of the environment is perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the government is pushing for solar panel installation to become a norm among businesses and homeowners. The atmospheric conditions are depleting by the minute with the excessive use of machines, substances and means of generating energy that is non-friendly to the environment. Installation of solar panels can significantly reduce the the production of harmful gases and considerably preserve the environment for everyone to enjoy a healthy climate.

There is of course the underlying point whereby the government seeks to create convenience for themselves by laying off some of the burden from the local grid stations. However, it bears mentioning that if the homeowners and the businesses cut the grid some slack by going solar, the masses shall be better off as they shall get to enjoy the benefits such as a cleaner environment, low utility costs and preservation of the conventional sources of energy. With that said, it is high time that we acknowledge the wisdom behind the government’s insistence and opt for solar to enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

14 Jan 2020
Solar Panels VS Winter Season

Solar Panels VS Winter Season

It’s no news that, owing to the soaring utility costs and plummeting power resources has people looking for alternative and viable means of power generation for their homes and business. With that said, by far the most favorable renewable source energy option in the market, is solar energy. Luckily, with the emergence of a whole home solar industry and the active endorsement from the government over the past few years, people have started to gravitate to the emerging paradigm of opting for solar energy to power up their homes and businesses. However, apparently many regions in the north are yet to catch up to the trend.

Evidently, what impedes them from going solar, is the weather of their region. People from the northern region tend to develop the idea that the weather conditions wouldn’t allow the optimum power generation and because of that, the panels would become an liability rather than a facility. With that in mind, we would like to set the record straight and educate the dwellers of the north regarding the benefits of solar energy. Following are the points that you must bear in mind:

  • First of all, it is important for people to understand that the panels only cease to produce energy in complete absence of the sun, that is, at night or during an eclipse. To be clear, even during the overcast the panels are likely to generate electricity unless they are completely caked with filth or snow. That’s not to say that the power generation wouldn’t be diminished compared to that during a sunny day, but the power can be generated from the sunlight even on a cloudy day nonetheless.
  • Secondly, there is a common misunderstanding among the homeowners from north that the ‘cold weather’ impedes solar energy production. Instead, it might be good news for some homeowners that the cold weather actually enhances energy production. During intense heat of the summer days, the solar power systems tend to overheat, which impedes their energy production capacity. While during the cold weather, given the correct amount of sun exposure, the panels are likely to produce more energy as compared to those in a hot region.
  • People tend to argue that the peak sun hours are not enough for the panels to generate sufficient power. They are right to an extent. Our argument is that if the panels are exposed to at least 3 hours of sufficient sunlight during the day, it is enough to generate power that can last an entire day, depending on the use of homeowners.

Understandably, some homeowners from the north region still require a little more convincing to be sure about the utility of solar panels at their homes. To have that reassurance, it is advisable to have a solar expert visit your home, assess your situation and provide you with a decent solution. Basically, when all is said and done, .

08 Jan 2020
California. The Home of Solar

Solar Energy – The Right Way to Go in California

The state of California has been big on solar since the last 20 years. Being among the sunniest regions in the entire US with an ideal atmosphere, California is perhaps one of the most ideal locations for solar power generation, which is why it ranks on top of the list as the largest producer of renewable energy in the entire US. Since California is home to the largest solar power stations in the world, the state generates more than 24,000 Gigawatts per hour which is a significantly large amount of energy. However, not all of it can be accredited to the power stations since California is also number 1 in terms of number of homes that opt for solar energy. As of this day, the number of homeowners having opted for solar energy sits at slightly over 6.3 million homes.

The California state government are huge proponents of solar energy have ambitious plans and goals for the future of energy generation. Numerous rules and strategies have been put in place in order to achieve the ultimate benchmark, that is, 100% electricity generation through renewable resources by 2045. While there is encouraging general notion from the government’s side about solar energy, the prospects of solar energy appear quite promising regardless of that as well. Following are a few reasons why solar energy in California is the right way to go:

  • First off, as per the recent census data compiled by SEIA, California boasts the highest number of solar homes in the country. Almost 45% of all homes in California have opted for Solar Energy. The number of homes and the overall renewable energy contributing to the grid, the utility bills are likely to be completely eliminated within a few years’ time. Which is why California is the ideal region to opt for solar energy.
  • Secondly, we have the lovely California Sun. The weather in California is ideal in order to get the maximum power from the solar energy system. The optimum sunlight last for at least 4 hours a day in the majority of areas. By virtue of the long hours of daylight, the solar panels in California climate can generate enough energy to take the entire home through the day. Also, the homeowners can end up making money from the net metering mechanism, provided that their utility bills are not too high.
  • Lastly, the government has been offering generous incentives to those who opt to go solar. Let us talk about the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). ITC is one of the most important enactments related to solar energy. Under this program, the government offers a 30% tax rebate upon the total tax that is incurred on the cost of going solar. The 30% rebate is only available until the end of 2019. Afterwards, the rebate is likely to be brought down to 26%. Furthermore, the California state government has launched a Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) that provides rebates of up to $400 to homeowners who have opted to go solar, for their solar battery. The offer is set to last until 2025.

The paradigm shift is in full swing in California with a large number of people opting for solar on a rather frequent basis. Plenty of solar energy providers in California are offering various packages and installment plans to the prospects to make the decision a lot easier for them. With the government incentives and other advantages, now happens to be the ideal time to opt for Solar.

18 Dec 2019
Learn if Solar is Good for You

“Does Solar Energy Work in My Situation?” – A Pertinent Question Finally Answered:

Solar energy has generated a lot of buzz among homeowners across the US lately thanks to the alluring promotional ads and encouraging testimonials from the customers who have taken the brave initiative of going solar. However, at the same time, the customers are looking for answers to the questions that can help them determine whether or not solar power system installation would be a smart decision for them.

When it comes to knowing the answer to such a specific question, there is definitely a fair amount of homework involved. The fact remains that you could opt for the best solar energy system in the market but it won’t be effective if a certain set of prerequisites are not fulfilled. The homeowners must do the homework themselves in order to find out whether or not opting for solar energy would be a smart choice in their particular situation. It must be accounted for, that opting for solar energy might not be a particularly fruitful decision for some people, especially if their end goal is to enjoy the financial benefits as a certain set of financial and natural provisions must be in place for the solar panel installation to be a lucrative venture. Following are a few determinants that can tell whether or not solar energy is the way to go for a particular homeowner:

Natural Determinants:

  • In order for the panels to work properly, the location must have maximum Sun Exposure. Which is why, usually summer time is ideal for solar power generation as the peak sun hours during summer is at the maximum and the solar radiations are at an optimal rate, which keeps the solar panels richly nourished with energy that could last an entire day and provide plenty of financial returns down the road.
  • Regional Climate is also one of the key determinants of whether or not there is any money to be made from going solar. If you are a homeowner that resides in an area near the equator, solar energy can generate a plentiful amount of energy and help the homeowners reap huge dividends courtesy of the long peak sun hours and a warmer overall climate. In cold areas where the peak sun hours are short and the sunlight is scarce, one might think that the solar energy wouldn’t work. However, contrary to popular belief, the concentrated photovoltaic cells can not only capture the scarce sunlight, but also absorb the ambient light in the area and generate a sufficient amount of power from it.

Financial Determinants:

  • One of the key financial determinants of whether or not solar energy would be sufficient are the Utility Bills. The more the utility bill, the more the savings. If the utility bills are less than $150 or $200, the returns are likely to arrive a little later than one would want.
  • Credit Score is also a key determinant in terms of whether or not a person would qualify for solar energy installation plans. People usually buy solar on an installment plan because of the hefty overall amount. With that said, a prospect can only apply for an installment plan if the credit score is over 700. The homeowners with a credit score lower than 700 might have a hard time paying off the installments, which would lead to solar being an unfavorable deal. 

The following are a few important prerequisites that determine whether or not going solar is a favorable option. However, it is always better to get an expert’s point of view so as to be sure of favorability of opting for solar energy.

16 Oct 2019
Become a Solar Prosumer & Produce Your Own Electricity.

Being a Solar Prosumer: Things You Should Know

Ever since net-metering became a ‘thing’, an interesting dynamic is starting to emerge within the energy sector in the USA market. The short-fall of conventional means of power generation and the consequent rise in cost has prompted numerous homeowners across the states to opt for solar energy. This has not only resulted in a substantial amount of weight lifted off of the local electricity grid stations but has also resulted in the emergence of a bunch of donors that actually provide electricity to the local grid stations. These donors are known as ‘prosumers’.

The term ‘Prosumer’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’. What makes a person a prosumer is that the person, after having installed the solar panels, can produce as well as consume their own electricity. The electricity produced by the solar panels in surplus is then transferred to the local grid, against which, the prosumer is then credited back by the government. However, to know what being a prosumer means, you must know the following:

  • The prosumers can enjoy the privilege of sending the surplus energy to the grid and making money off of it. But they cannot sell the electricity that they generate to anyone else. The power supply channels are only connected to the national grid hence making it impossible to have the surplus electricity share with the rest of the community. Also because doing so could result in legal action from the government.
  • The solar panels produce various amounts of electricity during various situations and against various kinds of solar panels being used. This implies that the prosumers cannot produce surplus electricity all year round. Hence, it is advisable for homeowners to not consider going off-grid since of insufficient energy generation on a cold day or due to a technical glitch, could result in a complete power outage.
  • The 3rd and most important point is the fact that, regardless of the situation or technology in use, being a consumer can most certainly help you save a significant amount of money. Being connected to the grid can allow you compensation in your utility bills with however much amount of electricity that you have generated.

By opting for solar energy, you can play your part in ensuring a clean and healthy environment and also promote clean and green energy. Being a prosumer has a fair share of benefits which is why it would be wise for all homeowners to opt for solar power and become a contributor to the energy sector as well as the environment sooner rather than later.

09 Oct 2019
Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It

Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It?

With the winter fast approaching, every homeowner who has opted for solar energy, must now be wondering whether or not the system would actually work with the limited sun exposure and the snowy weather. Contrary to popular belief that suggests, “solar is a bad investment in the cold regions or during the winter season,” it is actually to a homeowner’s benefit in several ways.

The first benefit being that during the winter season, the majority of solar solution providers are in a fierce competition with one another in efforts to capture a major chunk of the market. To do that, the dealers offer aggressive discounts to pull in a large number of customers to buy their products. This implies that if you are looking for the best solar quote, it is most likely that you would get the most reasonable offer on some of the service provider’s best products.

The second benefit being the fact that, like all machines, the solar power equipment is likely to perform better in cold climates. The whole system functions on the optimum without the danger of overheating. This implies that the panels will generate energy at a much better rate even in the limited hours of complete sun exposure.

The second benefit, being the ultimate mythbuster, suggests that in a snowy weather, the solar panels are likely to function more efficiently. The scientific explanation suggests that the snow reflects the light into the atmosphere which creates an ambient luminosity. That ambient light coupled with the sunlight provides more energy to the solar panels, hence improving their output. However, it must be borne in mind that in order for the solar panels to work, the photovoltaic surface of the panels should not be covered in snow.

Although there are actual benefits of having a solar energy setup even in the cold regions and weather, there are certain watchouts as well. Number one watchout is making sure that the solar panels are not covered in snow so as for them to get the required sun exposure and function properly. Second one being the fact that the sun only appears for a limited amount of hours during the winter. This makes the placement and setting the angle of the solar panels all the more crucial for the solar power system to deliver the desired performance.

If the aforementioned watchouts are accounted for, opting for solar energy solution is a win-win for any homeowner anywhere in the states. The electricity rates are on a steep rise all across the country, owing to which, opting for solar power is emerging as the best solution to save money and have a reliable and abundant energy resource.

30 Sep 2019
The Future is Solar Power

The Future is Solar Power

The speed we are consuming our conventional fossil fuels reserves they won’t last forever and become a part of history soon enough, we all know that.

What worries us is that the whole world depends on it completely, the modern lifestyle cannot imagine a day without energy resources, what will become of the humanity; are we going to seize our lively hood or what else could we do to keep living?

These are not very pleasant thoughts that cross one’s mind and rather scary to the imagination, hence it is time to understand the gravity of the situation and realize that severity of the matter requires us to start looking for new and alternative sources of energy.

The good news is that we have come a long way from absolutely no idea what to do, thanks to the environmentalists and scientists along with every single soul that has contributed to this cause in terms of research, reforms, political support and down to the engineering level by doing the deed of people related to the field of energy studies and development.

Ever since the research and development have been started worldwide for sustainable alternative energy sources that could reduce and/or eliminate the need for conventional fossil fuels energy sources.

Out of all the other possible replacements such as hydropower, wind energy and biofuel, Solar Power Energy have shown the most promise, therefore, is the center of attention for plenty. It has developed immensely in the past three decades, and today solar energy is considered the best and the most sustainable source.

For the very basic reasons for our search and found in solar energy which makes it the source of energy of the future by all means.

The solar power is produced by sunlight which is an endless source and not going anywhere, at least until we are here so it is without a doubt and absolutely sustainable, and we will continue to have sunny days throughout our existence. The only energy source that does not cause any pollution and no carbon emission in the production process while solar energy, thus it is green and 100% environment-friendly.

The most significant benefit of Solar Power System is that it is easy to implement, anyone can very conveniently setup a solar energy system at a residential complex, a locality, or a town for their household needs and generate solar power. Every individual household can produce energy sufficient for their personal use and if get tied to the grid get added advantages for reducing the burden on the national power grid.

It is fast becoming a global movement to convert to solar and the governments of most countries encourage the use of solar energy and are subsidizing the installation of solar power systems to generate independent energy. Take the example of the most unlikely to be the world’s green energy leader “Kenya” it is operating at 70% of their national grid on SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM.

There are many subsidized ways to get your solar energy system in an instant because this is the most reliable and renewable energy source of the future and all reasons mentioned here and above you can assume the potential of this solution by the unavoidable facts.

The solar energy is acknowledged as the only source on earth that can fulfil all the energy needs of mankind solely if attended to, with a universal commitment and conviction.

So the take away from this article would be, let us go to the future with Solar.

18 Sep 2019
Green Life is not a Scam

Green life not a scam

In order to bring maximum transparency to solar market, sometimes means getting down and dirty with people on social media and engage in a rather silly conversation or let’s call it a basic level interaction with individuals that are not fully aware of what they are talking about.  

Home solar energy is a scam! NO! It is not….! There you have it plain and simple. But somehow that is not enough, and one has to go in to the details.

Over the past two decades and counting, time has proven that Solar Energy is a clean, affordable electricity source for our homes. Manufacturing of solar photovoltaic panel’s uses the conversion free solar energy that is inexhaustible. The sun has made solar power a quit viable option for many home consumers so, NOT A SCAM.

Like any other industry regrettably, bigger energy industry players and companies to protect their own interest, make exaggerated claims about switching your home to solar power by associating untrue and dishonest risks to the option.

1. Loss of production capacity every “Solar panels” yet your payments goes on, no matter what.

-Truth be told, production of solar panel will decrease in time, like any other energy production solution.  Now here is the thing-every panel is warranted to produce minimum 85% even after 25 years which only 15% production loss in 25 years that is a lifetime.

Plus all financial models are based on factoring this degradation in production to avoid any surprises later.

2. New lien on your house.

Only if the home owner chooses to get their solar financed through a Power Purchase Agreement, which is owned by a third party, and lien is an assurance to the lender and the homeowner cannot claim the solar if the contract is breached or payments default. Even if you get a lease or PPA, you replace your monthly electric bill with a lower monthly solar cost, which means you still save money.

Buying the system with cash or take out a solar loan, it will NOT create a lien on your house.

3. Solar panel manufacturing is toxic for environment.

Silicon is used as their primary material for the manufacturing of photovoltaic solar panels to produce energy. It also contains copper, metal and glass for wiring and casing.

It is true that there are some environmental penalties associated with harvesting any of these materials, however far less than that of any other energy generation source.

4. The Fire Department will let it burn down if the house catches fire.

This is so not true. Fire departments and municipalities in every city and state have adapted to new fire codes for solar powered houses to keep firemen and homes safe. The systems are required to follow the Permitted designs and codes.

5. Must Keep The Solar Panels Clean.

This depends on your climate but the worst case scenario would mean you need to wash your panels with a hose once or may be twice a year. I don’t think that should be a problem for continues supply of cleaner and cheaper power instead of a heavy utility bill.

6. Broken tiles on your roof, remove; replace tiles, and reinstallation…Costs Money!

This should be fully covered by the installing company under their workmanship warranty. If they do not cover for work damages, you probably did not choose the right professionals.

With all that said, one does need to be aware of the bad apples within the industry that do exist. Don’t fall for a websites that sell contact information for high bid and get you spam schemes.  Always read the website privacy policies, terms, and conditions no matter how hard it may seem. Solar spam scams are our worst enemy.

There are so many misconceptions about solar today, but that’s just part of the game, when you disrupt a centuries-old industry there is going to be a push back.

The most important thing is that solar is an amazing investment. You should know for fact it will beat the stock market in the coming years.

Biggest reason many home owners for switching there home to solar power systems is saving money on their electricity bills. However, there are considerations to make that will help you avoid being a scammed.

What is your current electricity bill – If your electricity bill is already under $100 per month, the chances are will not save much monthly bills to justify the switch to solar.

Angles of your roof – your roof-top for efficient performance of solar panels they must be facing the Sun un-hindered exposure.

Your Roof Inspection – Your roof should be in good condition, both structurally and roofing material wise. The life span of a roof top solar system is around 25 years, hence the better roof life expectancy is essential, although many panel systems are built with easily removable rack systems but still avoid the avoidable.

Consider the climate – For example in the Southwestern United States, the regular home could use a smaller panel layout than a home in the cooler or cloudier Northeastern United States. Therefore properly sized system for your particular climate is a must.

Free Installation – It is actually possible for you to get a solar power system for absolutely zero out of pocket costs and also lowered monthly utility bills for 25 years. Make sure you exactly understand what, you are getting into. A good solar contractor will bring all costs to you in writing.

Rebates and tax credits – Local, State and Federal tax credits along with utility energy rebates are extensively variable locality wise. These rebates are often combined with promotions like zero out of pocket costs and monthly savings for long term. A good solar contractor will bring all costs to you in writing along with all of the options available in your area.

Purchase Solar or Lease – Bottom line is to save money, there are plenty of innovative ways to switching to solar power for savings. So understand your options and different types of solar agreements available in the area that works best for your needs.

Choose Your Solar Wisely – Make sure your contractor is licensed and can take care of all permitting and tie-in with the grid; this should include any opt-out information in case a system doesn’t perform as promised. 

Perfect Solar Home is not a scam; our consultants are experts and will determine how solar would best work for you. Contact us now and get started today with a no cost nor obligation and completely transparent solar qualification.

I hope to have addressed and helped you become vigilant about how things get misinterpreted than misunderstood to another level, creating a bad air around anything.With the hope that you make better choices here onwards and live a very happy and green life.. Let me Know if I have qualified to be called the myth buster…!?!

02 Sep 2019

How Much You Save With Solar

You will certainly reduce or eliminate electric bill from your monthly expense. There are several factors that influence to determine your total solar savings including how you finance your solar energy system; if you consider the advantage of tax incentives such as the 30% federal investment tax credit to how much you currently pay for electricity, to if you are selling your house. Generally, the more solar energy you produce, the less you have to buy. That means you start saving immediately after your solar energy system hits production.

In order to estimate your electric bill savings you have to determine if your average electricity bill is minimum ($70+ a month) which means you can consider switching to Solar Energy System. Figure out how much solar energy can you generate, do you have shadows covering your roof and what are your local utility policies; are they solar-friendly?

Answers to these questions will help you find out, how much can you save each month with a solar energy system. Perfect Solar Home will set up a free evaluation with our certified technician/installer. Primarily the biggest reason for people to switch their homes to solar energy system is for the need to reduce their energy bill. An average American family spends approximately $1,300 on their electricity in 2018, while the national electricity costs has risen about 2.2% year on year.

Energy prices rise on the bases of weather and demand recorded on the grid time to time, therefore going solar will enable you to lock the energy price. Savings vary from household to household and time of the year, but many have said that they no longer pay an electricity bill to just a nominal connection fee every month.

Adding a solar energy system can add value to your property worth making it is a good real estate investment. According to recent studies, solar energy system can increase the values of properties up to 4% depending on where you live.

Investment tax credit (ITC), will allow homeowners who get solar energy system installed by the end of this year to deduct 30% of the cost of their purchase out of their federal taxes to scale down to 26% in 2020 and 22% in 2021. If your tax is not enough to accommodate the credit in one year, it will be rolled over to the next year until the credit is available. For example, one of our customers from New Jersey was spending $2,200 yearly on electricity. After he went solar his cost came down to $3 monthly average service fee. No’ other home improvement investment pays you money “With a solar energy system you can calculate exactly what are you getting back.”

Exact ROI will also depend on the payment plan you choose i-e is it cash purchase, lease, or financed all have variable financial benefits in different timelines to establish your solar energy system savings. But given the fact of being able to reduce or even eliminate your electric bill, electricity rate lock, increase in value of your property, and a dash of solar tax credit advantage with incentives, the returns are likely to be of thousands of $Dollars$ in the life cycle of your solar energy system.

18 Sep 2015

Can Solar Energy System Generate on Cloudy Days?

It is natural questions for homeowner that on a dark cloudy day can do solar energy systems generate power?

It is correct that solar panels need sunlight to produce energy, but we must learn how partial shady conditions can affect the efficiency of your solar energy system power output.

First and fore most; rest assured that the solar panels keep working in cloudy weather, power generation may be less depending on the quality of your panels.

Many of us know that on a cloudy day solar radiation penetrates through clouds, for the same reason solar energy system panels can produce electricity on such over casted day. The production may drop to anywhere between 10-25% in comparison to a sunny day.

With Perfect Solar Home Equipment high performance efficiency is maintained at 22% utilization of cells because of its unique design that seizes maximum sun light on red and blue wavelengths to make more energy than other panels on a cloudy day, our design has “backside mirror” and layer of aluminum within the cells that bounces light back into the cell to have increase absorption.

Solar PV panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) then an inverter turns it into alternating current (AC), exactly the type of power most houses use.

If your Perfect Solar Home System produces more electricity than you need, that AC power then goes back to the grid to be utilized by other homeowner via net metering, policies generally vary state to state, giving you credit for excess power produce.

Perfect Solar Home System can work well in particularly cloudy and cold locations such as

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Milwaukee
  • Boston
  • Seattle

These cities experience quite an inclement weather with rain, fog, and blizzards, yet they are top cities of U.S. that record highest Energy Production and savings through solar installations.

For example, In New York and San Francisco, the cost of electricity is high therefore it makes perfect sense to install solar and worthwhile investment for business and home owners. So it is not the number of cloudy or cold days, but the cost of your electricity that determines whether solar saves money on electric bill.

Perfect Solar Home System does not need a particular weather to generate electricity. Our Solar panels work best in places that get sun shine irrespective of the temperature however, above 77 ° F, panels tend to be less efficient, so cold is better but does not mean hot will stop it from working.

Partial shading from natural or other sources can decrease the amount of solar energy any system generates; our solar energy systems are engineered to prevent against causes that may result in stopping all energy production.

For example 20% panels are under shaded by anything then only 20% energy production is temporarily dismissed no more. Our qualified technicians/installers know how to design your system to ensure maximum production.

Perfect Solar Home has qualified solar technicians/installer.

Handpicked dealers to exclusively service our customers and technology; locally based experts that are familiar with your community’s weather and regulations of installation, so they know best how solar energy system will work for your home.

Germany is one of the leading countries in renewable energy that focuses on its lack of sunlight yet accounts for almost 25% of the world’s solar energy production. So it is not about the weather or a cloudy day shouldn’t over cast anyone’s opinion about switching to solar energy system power.