Solar Panels VS Winter Season

Solar Panels VS Winter Season

It’s no news that, owing to the soaring utility costs and plummeting power resources has people looking for alternative and viable means of power generation for their homes and business. With that said, by far the most favorable renewable source energy option in the market, is solar energy. Luckily, with the emergence of a whole home solar industry and the active endorsement from the government over the past few years, people have started to gravitate to the emerging paradigm of opting for solar energy to power up their homes and businesses. However, apparently many regions in the north are yet to catch up to the trend.

Evidently, what impedes them from going solar, is the weather of their region. People from the northern region tend to develop the idea that the weather conditions wouldn’t allow the optimum power generation and because of that, the panels would become an liability rather than a facility. With that in mind, we would like to set the record straight and educate the dwellers of the north regarding the benefits of solar energy. Following are the points that you must bear in mind:

  • First of all, it is important for people to understand that the panels only cease to produce energy in complete absence of the sun, that is, at night or during an eclipse. To be clear, even during the overcast the panels are likely to generate electricity unless they are completely caked with filth or snow. That’s not to say that the power generation wouldn’t be diminished compared to that during a sunny day, but the power can be generated from the sunlight even on a cloudy day nonetheless.
  • Secondly, there is a common misunderstanding among the homeowners from north that the ‘cold weather’ impedes solar energy production. Instead, it might be good news for some homeowners that the cold weather actually enhances energy production. During intense heat of the summer days, the solar power systems tend to overheat, which impedes their energy production capacity. While during the cold weather, given the correct amount of sun exposure, the panels are likely to produce more energy as compared to those in a hot region.
  • People tend to argue that the peak sun hours are not enough for the panels to generate sufficient power. They are right to an extent. Our argument is that if the panels are exposed to at least 3 hours of sufficient sunlight during the day, it is enough to generate power that can last an entire day, depending on the use of homeowners.

Understandably, some homeowners from the north region still require a little more convincing to be sure about the utility of solar panels at their homes. To have that reassurance, it is advisable to have a solar expert visit your home, assess your situation and provide you with a decent solution. Basically, when all is said and done, .

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