California. The Home of Solar

Solar Energy – The Right Way to Go in California

The state of California has been big on solar since the last 20 years. Being among the sunniest regions in the entire US with an ideal atmosphere, California is perhaps one of the most ideal locations for solar power generation, which is why it ranks on top of the list as the largest producer of renewable energy in the entire US. Since California is home to the largest solar power stations in the world, the state generates more than 24,000 Gigawatts per hour which is a significantly large amount of energy. However, not all of it can be accredited to the power stations since California is also number 1 in terms of number of homes that opt for solar energy. As of this day, the number of homeowners having opted for solar energy sits at slightly over 6.3 million homes.

The California state government are huge proponents of solar energy have ambitious plans and goals for the future of energy generation. Numerous rules and strategies have been put in place in order to achieve the ultimate benchmark, that is, 100% electricity generation through renewable resources by 2045. While there is encouraging general notion from the government’s side about solar energy, the prospects of solar energy appear quite promising regardless of that as well. Following are a few reasons why solar energy in California is the right way to go:

  • First off, as per the recent census data compiled by SEIA, California boasts the highest number of solar homes in the country. Almost 45% of all homes in California have opted for Solar Energy. The number of homes and the overall renewable energy contributing to the grid, the utility bills are likely to be completely eliminated within a few years’ time. Which is why California is the ideal region to opt for solar energy.
  • Secondly, we have the lovely California Sun. The weather in California is ideal in order to get the maximum power from the solar energy system. The optimum sunlight last for at least 4 hours a day in the majority of areas. By virtue of the long hours of daylight, the solar panels in California climate can generate enough energy to take the entire home through the day. Also, the homeowners can end up making money from the net metering mechanism, provided that their utility bills are not too high.
  • Lastly, the government has been offering generous incentives to those who opt to go solar. Let us talk about the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). ITC is one of the most important enactments related to solar energy. Under this program, the government offers a 30% tax rebate upon the total tax that is incurred on the cost of going solar. The 30% rebate is only available until the end of 2019. Afterwards, the rebate is likely to be brought down to 26%. Furthermore, the California state government has launched a Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) that provides rebates of up to $400 to homeowners who have opted to go solar, for their solar battery. The offer is set to last until 2025.

The paradigm shift is in full swing in California with a large number of people opting for solar on a rather frequent basis. Plenty of solar energy providers in California are offering various packages and installment plans to the prospects to make the decision a lot easier for them. With the government incentives and other advantages, now happens to be the ideal time to opt for Solar.

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