Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It

Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It?

With the winter fast approaching, every homeowner who has opted for solar energy, must now be wondering whether or not the system would actually work with the limited sun exposure and the snowy weather. Contrary to popular belief that suggests, “solar is a bad investment in the cold regions or during the winter season,” it is actually to a homeowner’s benefit in several ways.

The first benefit being that during the winter season, the majority of solar solution providers are in a fierce competition with one another in efforts to capture a major chunk of the market. To do that, the dealers offer aggressive discounts to pull in a large number of customers to buy their products. This implies that if you are looking for the best solar quote, it is most likely that you would get the most reasonable offer on some of the service provider’s best products.

The second benefit being the fact that, like all machines, the solar power equipment is likely to perform better in cold climates. The whole system functions on the optimum without the danger of overheating. This implies that the panels will generate energy at a much better rate even in the limited hours of complete sun exposure.

The second benefit, being the ultimate mythbuster, suggests that in a snowy weather, the solar panels are likely to function more efficiently. The scientific explanation suggests that the snow reflects the light into the atmosphere which creates an ambient luminosity. That ambient light coupled with the sunlight provides more energy to the solar panels, hence improving their output. However, it must be borne in mind that in order for the solar panels to work, the photovoltaic surface of the panels should not be covered in snow.

Although there are actual benefits of having a solar energy setup even in the cold regions and weather, there are certain watchouts as well. Number one watchout is making sure that the solar panels are not covered in snow so as for them to get the required sun exposure and function properly. Second one being the fact that the sun only appears for a limited amount of hours during the winter. This makes the placement and setting the angle of the solar panels all the more crucial for the solar power system to deliver the desired performance.

If the aforementioned watchouts are accounted for, opting for solar energy solution is a win-win for any homeowner anywhere in the states. The electricity rates are on a steep rise all across the country, owing to which, opting for solar power is emerging as the best solution to save money and have a reliable and abundant energy resource.

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