Power Production Capacity of a Solar Panel

Power Production Capacity of a Solar Panel

This is just a common-sense question for any buyer and It goes to the very bottom of the mater to figure out what size solar panel does a home needs and how much would it produce per square foot?

Which sits at the bottom as a core factor to determine the price of a PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Energy System by the kilowatt-hours (kwh) how much can the solar panels produce.

In order to understand the production capacity of your solar power system per square foot, it is important to know what is it made of so that you may buy the Most Efficient Solar Panels.

 It is usually best to find a strong combination of ultra-pure silicon and copper backed together with a light-trapping glass on top side surface that will have 30 percent more efficiency in generating energy I comparison to the conventional or randomly available ordinary solar panels.

This may appear as a simple mathematical question mostly, for example-if a solar panel is producing, ‘X’ amount of watts and it is about ‘Y’ feet wide and ‘Z’-feet long, so it should produce about ‘V’ amount of watts, per Sq-foot a day.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly how it doesn’t work. Instead, the more logical way to measure the performance of a PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Power System is to see how it performs in live world conditions.

It would mainly depend on the design of the panel and correctly angled for handling temperature in order to produce maximum power per sq-foot.

Do not confuse solar power with heat because it is lots of sunlight, too much heat, doesn’t make them any more efficient if not less. If the temperature rises beyond 77° Ft, the power production would always drop.

The design of a PV panel would play key role to minimize the light or heat related losses of energy production.

For example, on cloudy days a wide spectrum of light is batter capture and allows the solar panels to work on cloudy days.

It is best to find Solar Power Panels that can harvest more infrared and ultraviolet light than conventional randomly available ordinary solar panels. So that you need fewer panels to produce the energy that you need.

Solar Power Panel production is the highest at noon, but this can be different for your location or if you and shades or trees shadow on your rooftop. Shades and/or shadows can not only affect the Solar panel power production, but they can also decrease the life of solar panels in time.

So how many kW will be produced per sq-foot per day? The variables prevent me from putting my finger on an exact. But based on the experience and observation of many years I think it is safe to say that it is 20 watts per sq-foot, with a Solar Power system that is rated to produce 2 kilowatts and it would cover approximately about 150 Sq-feet and a 3kW system would cover 225 sq-feet. However installers these days have extensively refined software’s that can give you a precise amount of power estimate that is needed for your house considering the history of weather patterns.

Try to get the most efficient solar panels that can generate the highest amount of power. Because the higher the power generated, the quicker you pay off the loan on your system and get to the saving part of the idea of it.

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