Learn if Solar is Good for You

“Does Solar Energy Work in My Situation?” – A Pertinent Question Finally Answered:

Solar energy has generated a lot of buzz among homeowners across the US lately thanks to the alluring promotional ads and encouraging testimonials from the customers who have taken the brave initiative of going solar. However, at the same time, the customers are looking for answers to the questions that can help them determine whether or not solar power system installation would be a smart decision for them.

When it comes to knowing the answer to such a specific question, there is definitely a fair amount of homework involved. The fact remains that you could opt for the best solar energy system in the market but it won’t be effective if a certain set of prerequisites are not fulfilled. The homeowners must do the homework themselves in order to find out whether or not opting for solar energy would be a smart choice in their particular situation. It must be accounted for, that opting for solar energy might not be a particularly fruitful decision for some people, especially if their end goal is to enjoy the financial benefits as a certain set of financial and natural provisions must be in place for the solar panel installation to be a lucrative venture. Following are a few determinants that can tell whether or not solar energy is the way to go for a particular homeowner:

Natural Determinants:

  • In order for the panels to work properly, the location must have maximum Sun Exposure. Which is why, usually summer time is ideal for solar power generation as the peak sun hours during summer is at the maximum and the solar radiations are at an optimal rate, which keeps the solar panels richly nourished with energy that could last an entire day and provide plenty of financial returns down the road.
  • Regional Climate is also one of the key determinants of whether or not there is any money to be made from going solar. If you are a homeowner that resides in an area near the equator, solar energy can generate a plentiful amount of energy and help the homeowners reap huge dividends courtesy of the long peak sun hours and a warmer overall climate. In cold areas where the peak sun hours are short and the sunlight is scarce, one might think that the solar energy wouldn’t work. However, contrary to popular belief, the concentrated photovoltaic cells can not only capture the scarce sunlight, but also absorb the ambient light in the area and generate a sufficient amount of power from it.

Financial Determinants:

  • One of the key financial determinants of whether or not solar energy would be sufficient are the Utility Bills. The more the utility bill, the more the savings. If the utility bills are less than $150 or $200, the returns are likely to arrive a little later than one would want.
  • Credit Score is also a key determinant in terms of whether or not a person would qualify for solar energy installation plans. People usually buy solar on an installment plan because of the hefty overall amount. With that said, a prospect can only apply for an installment plan if the credit score is over 700. The homeowners with a credit score lower than 700 might have a hard time paying off the installments, which would lead to solar being an unfavorable deal. 

The following are a few important prerequisites that determine whether or not going solar is a favorable option. However, it is always better to get an expert’s point of view so as to be sure of favorability of opting for solar energy.

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