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Know Your Solar Company: A Few “Must-Ask” Questions

Solar energy, by virtue of being abundant, environmentally friendly and easy on the pocket (in the long term) is undeniably beneficial for homeowners across the United States. However, it is not to be forgotten that it requires a fairly heavy initial investment and must be of the right quality in order to work properly and stick around for the long-haul. It may seem quite obvious but with the rising number of service providers, it becomes quite hard to tell apart the favorable option from the unfavorable. There is of course a lot of research and deliberation to be done so as to shortlist the options based off of the easily available secondary information. Once the shortlisting is done with, the homeowners must then reverify some of the important bits of information directly from the company representatives themselves in order to finalize the decision. With that in mind, following are the questions that the homeowners must know the answers to before hiring the services of a solar energy company:

  • Analyzing the Word Of Mouth

Best best source to assess a company’s services is of course the word of mouth. By inquiring about the level of satisfaction of the already onboard customer, you can have a much better understanding of where the company stands among the competition. Each and every strength and/or shortcoming is likely highlighted in the feedback that the company has been getting from the customers. If the company is confident in their quality of services, they might even get you in touch with one of their esteemed customers.

  • Knowing the Years in the Market

In order to be assured of the companies competence, you can also start by asking how long the company has been around. The number of years would imply that the company has a strong footing in the industry, a substantial number of satisfied customers and a healthy revenue cycle that has been keeping the company afloat for that amount of time. It is also likely that a veteran company in the field would also have a large number of expert professionals onboard, as the expert themselves wouldn’t want to associate with the novice companies.

  • Understanding the Order Of Activities

Even though modern technology has made things a lot easier such that they can even be done remotely through cloud based analysis and communication, the upfront analysis of everything is a must. For example, site visit is something that requires touch and feel of the surface where the panels are to be put, the state of wiring and the amount of sunlight throughout the day. Also, the experts must discuss the details such as credit score and utility bills upfront so as to let the other homeowner know clearly which type of system and which installment plan should be optimal in their particular situation.

  • Warranty

As with any other product, warranty is obviously a very crucial part of solar panel installation. With that said, it is mandatory on the part of homeowners to make sure of the following:

  • A guarantee of how much the solar system is likely to produce in a particular situation. If the performance isn’t up to the mark, you should be able to claim the warranty.
  • The hardware repairs and/or replacement should be made a part of the warranty plan. The repair/replacement terms should be to the homeowners’ utmost convenience.
  • Ideally, the cost of labor should also be covered in the warranty. But if there is a price to be paid, it should favor the customer.

Going solar is a big decision that should be taken seriously. And in the interest of utter satisfaction, homeowners should never settle for anything less than the best solar energy service provider in the market.

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