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05 Nov 2019
Roof Type & Solar. Know What Works Well Together.

Solar Installation VS Roof – What Works & What Doesn’t?

Although the idea of opting for solar energy is quite appealing on its own and is being encouraged on a state level by the government as well, the solar panel installation itself requires a certain degree of compliance. Since most of the homeowners only have the required space for solar panel installation on their roof-tops especially in the suburbs, the solar company has to make sure that whether or not the roof is compatible. The following are a few things to consider about your roof as and when you decide to go solar:

  • Roof Type – The first order of business should be to know the type of roof surface you have. Solar panel installation is a process that requires the roof surface to be of a certain type. Following are a few common roof types that solar customers usually have:
    • Wooden Roof – There are some homeowners that prefer wooden roofs instead of metal or cement roof, therefore, it is one of the most common roof-types found in the suburbs. With that said, even though the panels can be mounted on the wooden roof surface, it is advisable not to on account of fire-hazard or proneness to damage. 
    • Tile Roof – Tile roof is also among the commonly found roof types. Incase of tiles, it is very important to account for the type of tiles since the tiles themselves can be made out of various materials and each type of materials incurs its own labour cost. For instance, installing solar on concrete tiles can be a lot cheaper as compared to installing solar on clay tiles as they are more delicate and fragile as compared to concrete.
    • Metal Roof – One of the most commonly found and most favorable types for solar panel installation is the metal roofs with standing seams. The open slots all across the surface make it easy for the technicians to mount the brackets. Due to the ease in installation and a sturdy structure, the cost of labour incurred on the metal roof is perhaps the cheapest.
    • Gravel Roof – Gravel roof is also amongst the compatible and rather commonly found roof types in the suburbs. Usually, these rooftops are completely flat, which implies that there is a need to set the brackets at an angle to make sure that the panels capture maximum amount of light.
    • Shingle Roof – Shingle roof type is the most commonly found and usually the most favorable for solar panel installation. The shingles are made from fiber-glass, cellulose mat, asphalt and other minerals, the shingles are highly durable and very easy to work on. Solar panel installation service providers prefer this roof-type above all else and charge much less fee for working upon it as well.
  • Roof Angle – The roof angle is critical in making sure that the sunlight is processed to the optimum. Most of the homes have roofs at a 30-40 degree angle and the sun exposure is the best on such angles. If the roof is steeper than the said angles, the sunlight would be hard to come by, which will hinder the power generation process. Incase of a flat-roof, the brackets can be placed at an angle to make sure that the sun exposure is ideal.
  • Roof Direction – This is perhaps the most critical element of solar panel installation. The sun exposure is not necessarily a 100% all-around all day, which implies that the placement of the panels should be done in a particular direction where there are no trees or other objects casting a shade. In general terms, the ideal direction of the panels should be towards the equator as that is the general direction where the sun shines the most. The accuracy of the angle should ideally be 100% nut if the angle is inaccurate by more than 10 degrees, the solar panels shall not provide the desired amount of power.

Hiring an ideal solar installation company can help take care of all such concerns. Perfect Solar Home happens to be one of the service providers that, with the help of its excellent customer services and a well-versed team of solar experts, enjoys the privilege of serving happy customers around the US. If you’re looking for a faithful company to have the solar installed, you should definitely shortlist Perfect Solar Homes.

29 Oct 2019
Know Solar Before You Go Solar.

Most Pertinent Questions By Solar Customers Answered

With the rise in popularity of the solar panels due to the emergence of various service providers in the industry as well as the encouragement from the state government, people are gradually being drawn to the idea of going solar. However, as with any up and coming product, service or trend, there are a lot of different questions surfacing among the buyer’s community. Following are the answers to some of the most pertinent questions that are being asked by the potential customers:

How does the solar power system work?

The solar panels are made of certain materials that react to the sunlight and produce Direct Current (DC). The current is then transferred to the DC inverter where it is converted to Alternate Current (AC) and is then transferred to the entire wiring of the house or a commercial building.

How many panels are Sufficient for My Home/Business?

This question is perhaps the most pertinent among all customers. Unfortunately, it is also a question that can only be answered in real-time by a solar expert as s/he visits your home and examines your property. The effectiveness of a solar energy system is dependent on factors such as the area of the property, roof angle, roof surface among many other things. All of these factors must be accounted for to know whether or not a certain system would be sufficient. However, one thing that is for certain is that the system only ceases to generate power in case of the absence of the sun itself, i.e. at night or during the eclipse. During the day time, the system will always make power, provided it’s not covered in snow or filth.

Can a homeowner go off-grid after having a solar energy system installed?

Depending on the laws of the state where you are stationed, you can go off-grid. However, it is advisable not to, since it is a highly cost-intensive process. Plus, in case the off-grid setup goes haywire, there wouldn’t any backup power and you would have to bear through a complete blackout for as long as the system gets fixed. Staying with the grid is only a ‘once in a long time’ expense whereby, once connected, you only have to pay for the electricity that you use over and above that of which is generated by your system. Also, through net metering, if your system generates surplus electricity, that surplus energy will be transferred to the grid, in which case, you shall receive credit from the government.

When does the system start paying dividends?

Getting the best solar panel system installed in the market can be a bit expensive and time-consuming. However, as mentioned before, it is only a one-time expense and once installed the dividends don’t take long to appear in the electric bills. If used right, an Efficient solar panel system can help you break-even by a year’s time or slightly more.

Are there any additional benefits apart from the savings?

Now is the most opportune to opt for solar energy, since the government is actually encouraging homeowners to go solar by offering tax credits, rebates and incentives. Although, as discussed above, going solar can be an expensive affair, yet still, with all of the incentives and savings opportunities makes for a complete win-win situation for all homeowners in the long run.

16 Oct 2019
Become a Solar Prosumer & Produce Your Own Electricity.

Being a Solar Prosumer: Things You Should Know

Ever since net-metering became a ‘thing’, an interesting dynamic is starting to emerge within the energy sector in the USA market. The short-fall of conventional means of power generation and the consequent rise in cost has prompted numerous homeowners across the states to opt for solar energy. This has not only resulted in a substantial amount of weight lifted off of the local electricity grid stations but has also resulted in the emergence of a bunch of donors that actually provide electricity to the local grid stations. These donors are known as ‘prosumers’.

The term ‘Prosumer’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’. What makes a person a prosumer is that the person, after having installed the solar panels, can produce as well as consume their own electricity. The electricity produced by the solar panels in surplus is then transferred to the local grid, against which, the prosumer is then credited back by the government. However, to know what being a prosumer means, you must know the following:

  • The prosumers can enjoy the privilege of sending the surplus energy to the grid and making money off of it. But they cannot sell the electricity that they generate to anyone else. The power supply channels are only connected to the national grid hence making it impossible to have the surplus electricity share with the rest of the community. Also because doing so could result in legal action from the government.
  • The solar panels produce various amounts of electricity during various situations and against various kinds of solar panels being used. This implies that the prosumers cannot produce surplus electricity all year round. Hence, it is advisable for homeowners to not consider going off-grid since of insufficient energy generation on a cold day or due to a technical glitch, could result in a complete power outage.
  • The 3rd and most important point is the fact that, regardless of the situation or technology in use, being a consumer can most certainly help you save a significant amount of money. Being connected to the grid can allow you compensation in your utility bills with however much amount of electricity that you have generated.

By opting for solar energy, you can play your part in ensuring a clean and healthy environment and also promote clean and green energy. Being a prosumer has a fair share of benefits which is why it would be wise for all homeowners to opt for solar power and become a contributor to the energy sector as well as the environment sooner rather than later.

14 Oct 2019
Solar + Home Security and Automation

Solar + Home Security and Automation: A Match Made in Heaven

“There’s no place like home.” This phrase is not just a quote, but a notion built into the very fabric of every human being in the world. Through the trials of day to day life, there is one constant that a person looks forward to and that is going home, curling up into the comfortable and peaceful ambiance full of bliss and joy along with the loved ones whilst completely forgetting about all the worries of the world. Same can be said for every single person no matter who they are and where they’re from because at the end of the day, we’re all human beings, we all need a safe haven, and that is exactly what a home is supposed to be.

The fact that our homes give us so much peace and compassion, it is only fair that we value our homes and give the same amount of care and respect back. It may sound other-worldly, but in the contemporary world of ground-breaking technology, it is quite doable. And by doing so, not just the home, but also the dwellers of that home can live their lives safe, sound and free of worry. There are two key ways through which you can dramatically increase both the intrinsic and non-intrinsic value of your home:

Home Security & Automation
The increase in domestic crimes such as burglary, breaking and entering, home invasion etc. is causing havoc and mortal fear in the neighborhoods all across the united states. With the current state of security concerns, home security has become an obligation to ensure the security of the home dwellers and the home itself. With that said, it is wise to opt for a smart home security and automation setup so as to assure the safety and security of the family as well as the belongings. The following are some of the important home security and automation components that can make your home a smart home: 

  • Home Security: It is important for all homeowners to have a warning mechanism in place in order to be aware of whatever is going on at home whether the homeowners are at home or away from home. Following components can help you stay notified regarding activities at home:
    • Wireless Panic Button – Notifies other home dwellers in case one of them is in distress.
    • Smoke Detectors – Alerts the home dwellers in case of a fire.
    • CO Detectors – Alerts the home dwellers in case of detected Carbon Monoxide traces.
    • Firefighter Alarm – Sends distress signal to the nearest fire department in case of a house fire.
    • Surveillance Cameras – Allows you to monitor your home through live video feed.
    • Door Sensors – A wireless device used to notify the dwellers in case a door opens. 
    • Motion Detectors – Notifies the home dwellers in case of suspicious movement within the premises.
    • Image Sensors – Integrated with the motion sensors, it captures the image of the suspicious moving object or person.
    • Glass Break Sensors – Notifies the home dwellers in case if the window glass cracks or shatters.
    • Doorbell Camera – Provides a live video feed of the activity in front of the door.
  • Home Automation: The advent of home automation systems have been a game changer in terms of facilitating the homeowners comfort and convenience wise.  Much like any smart equipment, now you can also sit back and let your home automation system do the job of keeping you comfortable and safe. Following home automation components can make your life much easier:
    • Smart Door Lock – A passcode protected door lock that will set off an alarm in case of intrusion.
    • Smart Bulbs – Wireless LED light-bulbs operated through a mobile app.
    • Smart Plugs – A wireless plug that automatically switches the lamps on and off during a specific time of the day.
    • Smart Thermostat – A wireless device that can allow you to control the temperature of your home through the cell phone
    • Keychain Remote – Allows you to lock and unlock your home, turn on the thermostat and arm or disarm your alarm with a hundred yard range with a push of a button

Solar Panel Installation

With a smart home security and automation setup, what better way would there be to back it up than by opting for a reliable energy resource for your home, i.e. solar energy. It cannot be stressed enough that the solar power is the future of energy generation. To that strength, it is instrumental for a home to become a smart and futuristic home by opting for solar energy as the key lifesource to have a sustainable and carefree future. Following are the key reasons why everyone should opt for solar:

  • Economic Benefits – Normalizing the solar energy system installation on a residential and commercial scale can be massively advantageous for homeowners. Solar energy can not only reduce utility bills of a household to an amazing degree, but also, with net metering, homeowners are only liable to pay for the excess amount of electricity used. This means that if they produce excess amount of electricity instead of consuming, they shall be credited from the government, both literally and figuratively, against the surplus energy that is transferred to the grid. To top it all off, the government is offering a 30% tax credit upon solar system installation to encourage homeowners to go solar before the end of 2019. This implies that your home can be on the contributing end of energy production.
  • Environmental Benefits – Although the rise in the prices of conventional energy sources is a matter of concern, it is also the one that has a simple solution. And that solution is to go solar. By doing so, not only will you preserve the conventional source of energy, but also aid in the recovery of the atmosphere from the wounds of poisonous greenhouse gases and global warming.

With such instrumental improvements through opting for both solar energy, home security and automation, not only will you be giving your home a life of its own, but also increase both intrinsic and non-intrinsic value of your home ten folds. 

09 Oct 2019
Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It

Solar Energy in Winter: How Effective Is It?

With the winter fast approaching, every homeowner who has opted for solar energy, must now be wondering whether or not the system would actually work with the limited sun exposure and the snowy weather. Contrary to popular belief that suggests, “solar is a bad investment in the cold regions or during the winter season,” it is actually to a homeowner’s benefit in several ways.

The first benefit being that during the winter season, the majority of solar solution providers are in a fierce competition with one another in efforts to capture a major chunk of the market. To do that, the dealers offer aggressive discounts to pull in a large number of customers to buy their products. This implies that if you are looking for the best solar quote, it is most likely that you would get the most reasonable offer on some of the service provider’s best products.

The second benefit being the fact that, like all machines, the solar power equipment is likely to perform better in cold climates. The whole system functions on the optimum without the danger of overheating. This implies that the panels will generate energy at a much better rate even in the limited hours of complete sun exposure.

The second benefit, being the ultimate mythbuster, suggests that in a snowy weather, the solar panels are likely to function more efficiently. The scientific explanation suggests that the snow reflects the light into the atmosphere which creates an ambient luminosity. That ambient light coupled with the sunlight provides more energy to the solar panels, hence improving their output. However, it must be borne in mind that in order for the solar panels to work, the photovoltaic surface of the panels should not be covered in snow.

Although there are actual benefits of having a solar energy setup even in the cold regions and weather, there are certain watchouts as well. Number one watchout is making sure that the solar panels are not covered in snow so as for them to get the required sun exposure and function properly. Second one being the fact that the sun only appears for a limited amount of hours during the winter. This makes the placement and setting the angle of the solar panels all the more crucial for the solar power system to deliver the desired performance.

If the aforementioned watchouts are accounted for, opting for solar energy solution is a win-win for any homeowner anywhere in the states. The electricity rates are on a steep rise all across the country, owing to which, opting for solar power is emerging as the best solution to save money and have a reliable and abundant energy resource.

05 Oct 2019
Amount of Energy Produced by a Solar Panel

Amount of Energy Produced by a Solar Panel

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that solar energy is the future of residential and industrial power generation. A research conducted by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) across the United States, shows that the number of people who have switched to solar energy from 2006 to 2016, has risen by a whopping 50%. And with the prevailing state of traditional energy sources, it is only a matter of time before the government makes solar energy mandatory for everyone. All of these factors further cement the impending paradigm shift that is about to occur within the energy sector in the near future.

Although a vast majority of homeowners are now leaning towards solar energy, it is important to bear in mind a few technical aspects before installing a Solar Energy System. The rate of solar power generation varies with different kinds of panels. Following are the 4 kinds of solar panels available in the market:

  1. Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Panels – These solar panels, although easily available, have an efficiency rate of 7 to 10% which is relatively low. Also, the life-span and warranty time period is shorter as compared to other products in the market.
  2. Polycrystalline Panels – These solar panels are relatively cheap, easy to find and are more efficient as compared to the thin film amorphous silicon panels, with an efficiency rate of 15%. However, these solar panels are not quite as durable as some of the more latest products in the market.
  3. Monocrystalline Panels – These solar panels are regarded as the premium products in the solar energy industry owing to their high durability, efficiency rate and aesthetic value. However, since these solar panels are regarded as the premium products, they are the most expensive option one can opt for.
  4. Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells – In terms of performance, the Concentrated Photovoltaic Cells (CPV’s) are regarded as the best in the industry, with an efficiency rate of an astounding 40%. However, due to the expensive cost and complicated structural components, this technology is better suited to be installed on an industrial scale.

With the rising population and energy consumption, the conventional sources of energy are depleting by the minute around the world. Also, the traditional energy generation methods are proving to be detrimental to the environment, as they produce tons of greenhouse gases which as a consequence, damaging the ozone layer and causing unhealthy living conditions for the dwellers of mother earth. To that reason, the Solar Energy Industry, albeit out of necessity, is well on its way to having a presence in every household across the states. However, we should consider it our responsibility to convert to solar energy, not only to minimize our utility expenses, but also to ensure a healthy living environment for all life on our planet.

30 Sep 2019
The Future is Solar Power

The Future is Solar Power

The speed we are consuming our conventional fossil fuels reserves they won’t last forever and become a part of history soon enough, we all know that.

What worries us is that the whole world depends on it completely, the modern lifestyle cannot imagine a day without energy resources, what will become of the humanity; are we going to seize our lively hood or what else could we do to keep living?

These are not very pleasant thoughts that cross one’s mind and rather scary to the imagination, hence it is time to understand the gravity of the situation and realize that severity of the matter requires us to start looking for new and alternative sources of energy.

The good news is that we have come a long way from absolutely no idea what to do, thanks to the environmentalists and scientists along with every single soul that has contributed to this cause in terms of research, reforms, political support and down to the engineering level by doing the deed of people related to the field of energy studies and development.

Ever since the research and development have been started worldwide for sustainable alternative energy sources that could reduce and/or eliminate the need for conventional fossil fuels energy sources.

Out of all the other possible replacements such as hydropower, wind energy and biofuel, Solar Power Energy have shown the most promise, therefore, is the center of attention for plenty. It has developed immensely in the past three decades, and today solar energy is considered the best and the most sustainable source.

For the very basic reasons for our search and found in solar energy which makes it the source of energy of the future by all means.

The solar power is produced by sunlight which is an endless source and not going anywhere, at least until we are here so it is without a doubt and absolutely sustainable, and we will continue to have sunny days throughout our existence. The only energy source that does not cause any pollution and no carbon emission in the production process while solar energy, thus it is green and 100% environment-friendly.

The most significant benefit of Solar Power System is that it is easy to implement, anyone can very conveniently setup a solar energy system at a residential complex, a locality, or a town for their household needs and generate solar power. Every individual household can produce energy sufficient for their personal use and if get tied to the grid get added advantages for reducing the burden on the national power grid.

It is fast becoming a global movement to convert to solar and the governments of most countries encourage the use of solar energy and are subsidizing the installation of solar power systems to generate independent energy. Take the example of the most unlikely to be the world’s green energy leader “Kenya” it is operating at 70% of their national grid on SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEM.

There are many subsidized ways to get your solar energy system in an instant because this is the most reliable and renewable energy source of the future and all reasons mentioned here and above you can assume the potential of this solution by the unavoidable facts.

The solar energy is acknowledged as the only source on earth that can fulfil all the energy needs of mankind solely if attended to, with a universal commitment and conviction.

So the take away from this article would be, let us go to the future with Solar.

26 Sep 2019
Solar Panel Installation

Avoid a Disastrous Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

How much is solar going the cost; is the main reason that is holding you from and generally after some research you would find that the most sustainable solution for your house is a rooftop solar installation. With the energy security, cost of power and savings and other environmental benefits it fits in like a jigsaw piece for your household economic challenges. However, there is a possibility that it could all go wrong after buying a costly rooftop solar solution, imagine how would you react that if for any reason it does not work the way you expected it to.

The idea is that in a few years’ time the cost of a solar panel system gets paid back through the electricity bill savings. But that would not be the case if your solar panel system is not installed properly and that is very like to happen and the results would be totally off.

For example, the solar panel system is installed on the wrong part of the roof that mostly stays under shadows. So the whole idea and point of getting a solar panel system installed die right, before we could even start live our expectation.

The installation requires a mount which is made of a basic iron frame that the solar panel system sits on and it is fixed to the roof by cement and bricks. The first thing is you should come to your mind is the cost re-installation. It is also not safe on top of, the odd angles near the wall mean air pressure can be serious under the panels on a windy day and cause damage and if there is a storm, Oh boy! Then it also repurchases in the order for you. What If the wiring is left exposed to the weather elements without any protection we all know it would start to disintegrate as the plastic used to cover the wiring and the plastic pipe over it is generally of very low quality and doesn’t provide any real protection to the wires which means you are pretty much looking at a complete do-over and spend all that money over again.

And if chose not to re-do the whole system, then such service would leave you stuck in an unending loop of maintenance and repairs instead plus reducing its efficiency, that too without realizing the fault of the installation technicians and not the system. Which exactly the reason why you should always trust an established brand while spending money on a costly technology like solar panels solution for your rooftop.

Here are a few things that you need to consider to keep in mind for your roof to suite for solar panels to avoid being rather than hoodwinking you financially. Check out the list of essentials for best Solar Panels Installation on the rooftop that we recommend.

  • Shadow analysis and roof strength to find an ideal spot best solar panel placement.
  • Identify the direction and angles for the best Solar Panel Installation for maximum sun-time.
  • Better UV protected cables instead of AC cables for proper insulation.
  • MC4 connectors and HDPE conduits to cover the cabling for zero damage.
  • Steel nuts and bolts for less susceptibility to rusting for securing the solar panel frame.
  • Proper module alignment for the structure to ensure no flabby-ness or cracking.
  • High-quality of foundation finishing that secures the solar panel system.
  • Lightning arrester and earthing system setup for home and equipment safety.

Perfect Solar Home follows a comprehensive guidebook before taking up an installation job. After completing the job our installers make sure that your Solar Panel System is work to the precision and generating the power for batteries supply and the power distribution network (for on-grid), before leaving.

We believe in quality over quantity, because it is about your hard-earned money and the life you are trying to improve. Let Go Solar with Care..!

23 Sep 2019
The Un-Told Truth About Solar Energy

The Un-Told Truth About Solar Energy

If you are going to approach the subject of solar energy than do it the right way, not many people would know how to do it, and even lesser would tell you.

The reality is that the Internal Combustion Engine is fast becoming obsolete and the most plausible replacement to that gap is solar power and is a great way to keep our present needs and future technologies battery charged for kinds of purposes. My idea would be the sooner the better. For example let’s get all public schools tied- grid at the beginning of this transition with Solar Panel Installation and use get all the energy we can during the daylight hours while the schools are open and when they are over for the day the unit can keep producing for the main grid saving the excess energy for rainy or overcast days and have the credits.

The School Buses will also be converted to Electric to cut the cost the school and taxpayers of the district by 50% in comparison to operating on diesel. Solar buses will also contribute to the electric meter to cover the costs of utility for the schools and all community and district government offices.

Considering these angle of community installations would really expedite the switching over the process by a significant amount of time, I wonder why haven’t they been considered in the recent governmental solar programs, or maybe they have I am not sure of that. By the way, the state of Virginia is buying 100 electric buses in 2020 that I know for a fact through a friend. (wink|wink)

The motels, hotels and resorts can start selling their excess energy to the local government offices in exchange for property taxes.

For households that are planning for Solar Panel Installation in order to improve their lifestyle and for any purposes, I recommend don’t just get your roof covered with a design for an energy replacement and with a hope of a payback. Think better, bigger and about the future, think about a solar car porch or a garage it will generate about 15 watts per Square Foot Minimum, wok that out and you would be ready for your electric car sooner and before everyone else.

Future homes should be designed with a mindset of “net-zero” you have figured your average electrical consumption then go to buy a Best Solar Panel system with a high-efficiency rate sustain the load your home creates. You are very likely to find that your electricity bill is paid years in ahead.

So, if you plan ahead wisely with the assistance of good architects and/or contractors to give you solar energy efficiency that you pay for, then you will save hundreds of dollars on-end of a month in utilities for sure. You can also use those savings to pay off your mortgage years earlier than the term. A couple of hundred dollars a month to the principle of your mortgage will save thousands of dollars of interest on your loan. I know that put a smile on your face. Happy home & happy life, right?

By the time you start commuting on an Electric Vehicle that you have already prepared a parking space for you won’t have to pay for the gas anymore, which means your outward cash flow will further drop and would directly reflect on your savings and/or on the ROI.

“Agri-solar” is also nearby and the application will help farmers to grow a variety of crops in different geographic’ conditions to help their revenue streams.

While it is true that not all household are good applicants for Solar Panel Efficiency for a good ROI.

The Solar Energy System best resonates with the next generation of consumers and where it all starts to make sense for us and the realization of the need to leave a better planet for our successors.

20 Sep 2019
Power Production Capacity of a Solar Panel

Power Production Capacity of a Solar Panel

This is just a common-sense question for any buyer and It goes to the very bottom of the mater to figure out what size solar panel does a home needs and how much would it produce per square foot?

Which sits at the bottom as a core factor to determine the price of a PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Energy System by the kilowatt-hours (kwh) how much can the solar panels produce.

In order to understand the production capacity of your solar power system per square foot, it is important to know what is it made of so that you may buy the Most Efficient Solar Panels.

 It is usually best to find a strong combination of ultra-pure silicon and copper backed together with a light-trapping glass on top side surface that will have 30 percent more efficiency in generating energy I comparison to the conventional or randomly available ordinary solar panels.

This may appear as a simple mathematical question mostly, for example-if a solar panel is producing, ‘X’ amount of watts and it is about ‘Y’ feet wide and ‘Z’-feet long, so it should produce about ‘V’ amount of watts, per Sq-foot a day.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly how it doesn’t work. Instead, the more logical way to measure the performance of a PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Power System is to see how it performs in live world conditions.

It would mainly depend on the design of the panel and correctly angled for handling temperature in order to produce maximum power per sq-foot.

Do not confuse solar power with heat because it is lots of sunlight, too much heat, doesn’t make them any more efficient if not less. If the temperature rises beyond 77° Ft, the power production would always drop.

The design of a PV panel would play key role to minimize the light or heat related losses of energy production.

For example, on cloudy days a wide spectrum of light is batter capture and allows the solar panels to work on cloudy days.

It is best to find Solar Power Panels that can harvest more infrared and ultraviolet light than conventional randomly available ordinary solar panels. So that you need fewer panels to produce the energy that you need.

Solar Power Panel production is the highest at noon, but this can be different for your location or if you and shades or trees shadow on your rooftop. Shades and/or shadows can not only affect the Solar panel power production, but they can also decrease the life of solar panels in time.

So how many kW will be produced per sq-foot per day? The variables prevent me from putting my finger on an exact. But based on the experience and observation of many years I think it is safe to say that it is 20 watts per sq-foot, with a Solar Power system that is rated to produce 2 kilowatts and it would cover approximately about 150 Sq-feet and a 3kW system would cover 225 sq-feet. However installers these days have extensively refined software’s that can give you a precise amount of power estimate that is needed for your house considering the history of weather patterns.

Try to get the most efficient solar panels that can generate the highest amount of power. Because the higher the power generated, the quicker you pay off the loan on your system and get to the saving part of the idea of it.