Become a Solar Prosumer & Produce Your Own Electricity.

Being a Solar Prosumer: Things You Should Know

Ever since net-metering became a ‘thing’, an interesting dynamic is starting to emerge within the energy sector in the USA market. The short-fall of conventional means of power generation and the consequent rise in cost has prompted numerous homeowners across the states to opt for solar energy. This has not only resulted in a substantial amount of weight lifted off of the local electricity grid stations but has also resulted in the emergence of a bunch of donors that actually provide electricity to the local grid stations. These donors are known as ‘prosumers’.

The term ‘Prosumer’ is an amalgamation of the words ‘producer’ and ‘consumer’. What makes a person a prosumer is that the person, after having installed the solar panels, can produce as well as consume their own electricity. The electricity produced by the solar panels in surplus is then transferred to the local grid, against which, the prosumer is then credited back by the government. However, to know what being a prosumer means, you must know the following:

  • The prosumers can enjoy the privilege of sending the surplus energy to the grid and making money off of it. But they cannot sell the electricity that they generate to anyone else. The power supply channels are only connected to the national grid hence making it impossible to have the surplus electricity share with the rest of the community. Also because doing so could result in legal action from the government.
  • The solar panels produce various amounts of electricity during various situations and against various kinds of solar panels being used. This implies that the prosumers cannot produce surplus electricity all year round. Hence, it is advisable for homeowners to not consider going off-grid since of insufficient energy generation on a cold day or due to a technical glitch, could result in a complete power outage.
  • The 3rd and most important point is the fact that, regardless of the situation or technology in use, being a consumer can most certainly help you save a significant amount of money. Being connected to the grid can allow you compensation in your utility bills with however much amount of electricity that you have generated. 

By opting for solar energy, you can play your part in ensuring a clean and healthy environment and also promote clean and green energy. Being a prosumer has a fair share of benefits which is why it would be wise for all homeowners to opt for solar power and become a contributor to the energy sector as well as the environment sooner rather than later.

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