Solar Panel Installation

Avoid a Disastrous Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

How much is solar going the cost; is the main reason that is holding you from and generally after some research you would find that the most sustainable solution for your house is a rooftop solar installation. With the energy security, cost of power and savings and other environmental benefits it fits in like a jigsaw piece for your household economic challenges. However, there is a possibility that it could all go wrong after buying a costly rooftop solar solution, imagine how would you react that if for any reason it does not work the way you expected it to.

The idea is that in a few years’ time the cost of a solar panel system gets paid back through the electricity bill savings. But that would not be the case if your solar panel system is not installed properly and that is very like to happen and the results would be totally off.

For example, the solar panel system is installed on the wrong part of the roof that mostly stays under shadows. So the whole idea and point of getting a solar panel system installed die right, before we could even start live our expectation.

The installation requires a mount which is made of a basic iron frame that the solar panel system sits on and it is fixed to the roof by cement and bricks. The first thing is you should come to your mind is the cost re-installation. It is also not safe on top of, the odd angles near the wall mean air pressure can be serious under the panels on a windy day and cause damage and if there is a storm, Oh boy! Then it also repurchases in the order for you. What If the wiring is left exposed to the weather elements without any protection we all know it would start to disintegrate as the plastic used to cover the wiring and the plastic pipe over it is generally of very low quality and doesn’t provide any real protection to the wires which means you are pretty much looking at a complete do-over and spend all that money over again.

And if chose not to re-do the whole system, then such service would leave you stuck in an unending loop of maintenance and repairs instead plus reducing its efficiency, that too without realizing the fault of the installation technicians and not the system. Which exactly the reason why you should always trust an established brand while spending money on a costly technology like solar panels solution for your rooftop.

Here are a few things that you need to consider to keep in mind for your roof to suite for solar panels to avoid being rather than hoodwinking you financially. Check out the list of essentials for best Solar Panels Installation on the rooftop that we recommend.

  • Shadow analysis and roof strength to find an ideal spot best solar panel placement.
  • Identify the direction and angles for the best Solar Panel Installation for maximum sun-time.
  • Better UV protected cables instead of AC cables for proper insulation.
  • MC4 connectors and HDPE conduits to cover the cabling for zero damage.
  • Steel nuts and bolts for less susceptibility to rusting for securing the solar panel frame.
  • Proper module alignment for the structure to ensure no flabby-ness or cracking.
  • High-quality of foundation finishing that secures the solar panel system.
  • Lightning arrester and earthing system setup for home and equipment safety.

Perfect Solar Home follows a comprehensive guidebook before taking up an installation job. After completing the job our installers make sure that your Solar Panel System is work to the precision and generating the power for batteries supply and the power distribution network (for on-grid), before leaving.

We believe in quality over quantity, because it is about your hard-earned money and the life you are trying to improve. Let Go Solar with Care..!

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