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Go Solar: Top Benefits of Solar Energy

We approach our customer with service rooted ambition and operational philosophy of focusing on our customers’ true need

Get Rid of Electric Bills & Earn Back

If you are a home or a business owner, electricity cost is inevitable and a large portion of your monthly expenses, a solar panel system, will generate free power for your entire 25+ year lifecycle.
Solar panels are not an expense way of investment, with returns yielding more than traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Solar electricity investment savings allow the average American homeowner lead a better lifestyle and pay off their solar panel system with an ROI of 20% or more

Appreciated Property

Studies have established that houses with solar energy systems installed have higher values and sell rather quickly in comparison to non-solar houses. Property appraisers are increasingly taking solar installation into consideration while evaluating houses as buyers have become more informed about solar energy system. The demand for solar equipped properties will continue to grow

Environment friendly Lifestyle

Solar energy system will help reduce your carbon outlet. Urban establishments are responsible for 38% of carbon emissions in U.S. solar energy system can significantly decrease that number. An average residential solar panel system will help eliminate 3-4 tons of carbon emissions every year which is equivalent to planting over a 100 trees annually

Independent energy source with zero costs

The clearest benefit of solar panels is the ability to produce independent energy with zero cost.
In the recent years, residential electricity bills have gone up by 3% annually. Investing in a solar energy system can fix your electricity cost and protect you against unpredictable increase in electricity rates. If you are a business owner with an inconsistent cash flow, then going solar is the way forward for you to better forecast and manage your expenses.
About Us

Perfect Solar Home is a nationwide solar energy system providing, and Installations company with an end to end power backup and system maintenance service scope.

Our head Office is based in Florida but we serve the entire USA with our certified technicians available in every city and state. We provide 360° installation, repair, cleaning, maintenance services to companies and individuals who need solar panel on either commercial or residential buildings. We also install permanent or portable backup generators at your home or business.

Being a nationwide company our prices and payment plans are far more flexible than plenty, and considerably more affordable. We are committed to the happiness our customers for life, with our exceptional aftersales service and process standards. All our Installers are PV licensed and NABCEP Certified.


Solar Panel Maintenance: Why is it Important and How to Do It?

The sunlight can not pass through to the photovoltaic cells covered in filth. Therefore it is important to have the solar panels be cleaned after a certain period of time.

Solar Energy. A Long Run Saviour

Why is the U.S. Government a Big Proponent of Solar Energy?

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What Happens Once The Solar Panels Complete Their Life?

What Happens Once The Solar Panels Complete Their Life?

Even though the United States is still in the formative stages of solar panel recycling, the tactic is highly likely to help sustain the market.